wel well well!

it's been a great 20+ years!

our LAST GIGS on earth were great farewell shows

(High Rockabilly Sept. 2018 & Royal Rockers Chur Dec. 2018)!

back to Mars, 

thanks for your support over the years!

Hey everybody,  it is time for 2 announcements:


*In 2018, Mars Attacks will celebrate their 20 years anniversary! Yeah! 20 years!

à We will have some very special prices for our merch at our live shows!


*Well, second announcement ain´t that cool…for family reasons we decided that Mars Attacks will go into retirement at the end of 2018  ;-(

Thanks to everybody who ever came to a show of ours, bought a Mars Attacks record or just had some beers with us at the bar J  We had a blast for 20 years!

Of course we are happy to play all the shows that are already booked, and there are some pretty pretty awesome shows on the list (see below)….please come out, support live music, and let´s celebrate 20 years and let´s go out with a big bang!


*Dec.9th 2017 Augsburg Germany (w/ the Ricochets, Hold on tight)

*Dec. 16th 2017 Felsberg, CH (Royal Rockers – only a few tickets left on ticketino.ch)

*Feb. 3rd 2018 Club Vaudeville Germany (our 20 years anniversary, w/ the Dead Beatz)

*Feb.10th 2018 Dukes, Sihlbrugg CH

*June 16th 2018 Trignac, France (Rock´n´Roll & Gasoline)

*Sept. 8/9th 2018 HIGH Rockabilly, Spain


…and well, just a short overview what we did the last 20 years (from our official bio):

Formed in 1998, this Austria/Swiss based band released their debut CD/LP in 1999. Many albums followed, current album No.6 “Blood and Thunder” has been released on I Sold My Soul Media (CD / LP) in 2013.

Over the years, the boys have been rockin' all over Europe in France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Ireland, Croatia; and even rocked the house in Moscow/Russia. They've also made appearances at The Rockabilly Rave (Camber Sands UK), Hemsby Rock´n´Roll Weekender (England), High Rockabilly Spain, Summer Jamboree Italy, Tear It Up Festival Croatia, Bedrock Weekend Denmark, Rockin' 50's Fest II & III (Greenbay, WI, USA), Rhythm Bound (Los Angeles, CA, USA) and toured the USA 5 times, from the south to the mid-west, east coast to the west coast. In 2012 the martians conquered a whole new continent, Australia, touring through clubs and festivals. In 2014 the first JAPAN tour was due, being a great success with jampacked shows in all the major cities.

They've backed up SUN Records legends Sonny Burgess and Billy Lee Riley, country/rockabilly acts Narvel Felts, Rosie Flores, as well as Specialty Artist Roddy Jackson.

The hot stage show and varied program – mostly made up of self-composed songs (including the meanwhile famous trumpet songs) and a well-chosen selection of rockabilly classics - transform each live performance into a special encounter – or should we say a special encounter of the third kind...

...so grab your children, grab your wife, Mars attacks, run for your life!!



1999: "...run for your life…" CD / 10”LP & 7”EP, Armadillo Records

2000: "Snatch It & Grab It" 4-track vinyl 7” EP, Armadillo & JCR Records

2003: "Dirty Tricks" CD / 12” LP, Armadillo Records

2006: "Circle of Love" CD / 12” LP, Blue Lake Records

2008: “Follow Me!” CD / 12“ LP, Blue Lake Records

2011: “Recaptured!“ CD, Part Records

2013: “Blood and Thunder“ CD / 12“ LP, I Sold My Soul Media


ho ho ho, it´s Christmas time pretty baby...

well, two shows coming up in December...two very special shows:

****first, Dec. 10th 2016 we´re gonna rock the main market place in Bellinzona (see flyer) -

this is gonna be our very first show ever with our new man on the skins - David Giudici ! welcome !****

****and, funny enough, our last show with our extraordinary drummer for the last 11 years -David Karlinger-is gonna be a week AFTER that. Dec. 17th that is...At the infamous Royal Rockers Club-come for good music and liquid dinner ;-o) Oh, and get yer ticket - it looks like it´s gonna be a sold out party (contact royal rockers / pip Federspiel )****

********And of course - thanks sooooo much for the last 11 years of rocking David!!*********

well, in any case, come out and see David play. and David. :-o) 

--------peace and rockabilly from outer space---------

after a great time at the Southside Rumble in Melide (thanks for the pic Gilly),

we´re looking forward to rock at theeeeee OPEN AIR St. Gallen

(jack daniels zelt), 25.6.2015 !

back to the club! Mars Attacks & Lonesome Drifters 6.3.2015

some of the next shows!

incl. the Memphis to Ronse Rootsshow in Belgium,

The Piston Shakers Event on Sep.6, and Staudacher Musikbühne Sept. 27!

see u there!

our first JAPAN in May 2014 tour was a blast!

check out many tour pics on our facebook home


...or check out our photo section for a few pics!

many thanks to our japanese friends! what a great time!

..ok, just a short note: don´t forget our next dates...21.FEB Vevey, 22. FEB Lausanne (LAKE RATTLE AND ROLL), 28. FEB Club Vaudeville)....


nearly one year ago we´ve released our 6th album BLOOD AND THUNDER. And after only 6 months it was already reprinted! THANK YOU for buying it and making it such a sucess!! Also the reviews around the world were great!


theres one thing we all are still waiting for: Vinyl has still not arrived yet, but ...well, that´s another thing to look forward to isn´t it?

We can´t really get too much information out of our label right now...so...let´s see...


And there are some great news, we´ll return to the Club Vaudeville, Lindau, February 28th 2014 ...get your tickets early at the club or at Lindaupark (i punkt)....and! special guest is Danny B.Harvey  / USA!....see flyer.


still online...our video for the ballad "I gave you my life"..... wanna see it? check it out on our youtube channel: www.youtube.com/martiantube


that´s about it, hope to see you at our shows! 


our shows are all on  www.reverbnation.com/marsattacksrockabilly

and also on this page!



VINYL ....it´s late....it´s complicated ;-) but it´s in progress....It will be OUT SOON! (according to our label in September 2013 - we will keep you posted!)

well, now it´s December...still no Vinyl. Don´t know what to say...we´ll keep you posted and wil try to get more information from our label.... 





The official CD Launch party was at the Club Vaudeville, Lindau, MARCH 16th 2013 and was a blast!


Meanwhile -it´s August 2013 - the CD is already being REPRINTED! thanks to all of you out there buying the album!!!


The gigs and photo section will be updated soon...but now....it´s vacation time!


Thanks to all the people that showed up,  and also to the Club V. and JOHNNY TROUBLE & DJ Pistolero Pepe.

Thanks to Tobias Köstl for the live pics.


Well, 15 brandnew songs on the album, only one cover. From blues boppers to rockabilly, from trumpet to harmonica ("blues harp"). ...and much more.....


We made a video for the ballad "I gave you my life"..... wanna see it? check it out here! OFFICIAL VIDEO RELEASE TODAY (FEB 9 2013)! check it out on our youtube channel:



BLOOD AND THUNDER - new album in the pipeline

Cover new album "Blood and Thunder"
Blood and Thunder


out now! (March 2013)

the brandnew Mars Attacks album with tons

of new songs...featuring trumpet, harmonica

and some nice surprises.


theres also new promo pictures from the

Blood and Thunder shootings! check out

the PHOTOS section!

Rockin´ all over the world:

Live picture Australia tour 2012

check out the PHOTOS section for


new pics from our

April/May 2012 AUSTRALIA tour!!

yep, Mars Attacks rocked down under!


theres also some new pics from the HIGH Rockabilly Spain, check it out!

zombies from outer space movie poster


at the movies:

...well, one of our songs (Rocket in the Sky from the

RECAPTURED! album) is featured in this extraordinary

movie...check it out!!




Live Video:

meet us somewhere in the worldwide web: